Crypto Affiliate Conference in Prague is comming


    Start date: April 23, 2018

    End date: April 24, 2018

    Location: Prague, Industrial Palace

    Europe Fintech events

    Whatever your sector of activity, you must seize the opportunity of the Crypto Affiliate and marketing conference (CRAC) that will be held in Prague in April.

    The CRAC 2018 is a business opportunity, a chance to learn more about sectors that make astronomical sales, especially because of rising interest in cryptocurrencies.

    Many figures of Affiliation with the crypto world have certainly followed the exponential growth line of the sector they support.

    The crypto sector of 2017 is a 600 billion market. during 2018 event, more than 50 projects will be presented at the trade fair, you could learn a lot from others and exchange over interesting ideas. Beyond business prospecting and conference formalism, you will have the opportunity with entertainment activities and contact with other participants, to create more links.
    Among the various animators, you will find business leaders who have already held crypto events such as ICO (Initial Coins Offering).
    ICOs are a kind of bonds that allow raising the funds necessary for business development. You will also discover brokers and bookmakers and promoters of digital casinos where the currencies used are virtual ones. They all work closely with the affiliate sector which guarantees them a very good audience.