F: Welcome to Fintech.xyz news site, we are interviewing Owen Simonin ( nickname : Hasheur ), the CEO of Just mining, a top mining hardware and masternodes software distributor in Europe.

O: hello nice to meet Fintech.xyz community.

f: tell us about yourself, you are a young entrepreneur who believes in alternative assets and blockchain solutions and you are proposing hardware and software solutions for people that already know how to use it ?

O. We offer several investment solutions in blockchain and cryptocurrency in order to make these technologies accessible to all. Not only that, we provide b2c and b2b solutions and sometimes we are surprised that around 40% of our customers already knows about the technology and are coming to see us with a prepared shopping-list.

F: how did you get that idea ?

O: Ok, I created my own miner and presented it to my community at my youtube channel, I told myself that it’s disapointed that there is no ready made solutions to order preconfigured miners and run them out of the box, my community supported me and asked me to do it and here we are today.

f: and when did you start:
O : we started our company in 2017, we started it as a hardware and software solutions provider. Today we have diversified and we offer several investment solutions.

F: How many youtube subscribers do you have today ?
O: I approach 100 000, I have several projects that should increase me in the coming months.

F: so basically, you started youtubing then launched the business after the return of your followers ?

O: Exactly.

F. yes, so you were billish about the technology starting from 2016-2017 , what about 2018 ?

O : how was the business in 2018 ? it was booming ( I’m talking about Just Mining and not the market that was downtrend) , international customers started coming in, prior to that, my customers were only my french youtube community.

F: Where is your company situated?

O: we are situated in FLORANGE, in the north-east of France. It’s the office address and the place where we perform assembly of the hardware. It is an interesting geographical position because we are close to Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

F : well, tell us about your solutions, I mean hardware and software.

O: In one word ( or three laughing..) : Plug and Play.
Whether for the BOB (it is the name of our miners range)  or masternodes, we privilege simplicity for the customer. The goal is that he can manage his investment without having specific skills. We manage all the technical part in the internet.

F: Who got that idea to call them ‘Bob’ ?

O: It was my father 🙂

Just-Mining's BOB

F : oh nice, and how many bob’s do you propose for sale ?

O : The low-end one costs around 700 € and the high-end (most powerful) 2500 €. We also have an offer for 12000 €. In some cases, we make tailor-made installations for specific requests from 50000 €.

F: What are all the crypto that you can ‘mine’ on your hardware solutions ?

O: Today : Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Zcash and Monero. We are currently working on a new machine to mine others crypto. She should be out soon … (suspense).

F: great, and you ship the BOB’s only in Europe or worldwide ?
O: We sent BOBs to just over 20 countries on five continents. Most of our clients are francophones but they are everywhere in the world.

F: So you provide multilingual support then ?
O: Currently French or English only.

F: ok and tell us about the software solution:

O: Our solutions are different on miners. This is called “the masternode”. This is another method of securing the blockchain. There are several methods to secure a blockchain. Mining is one, the best known, the concept of masternodes is another.

Just-Mining software

To simplify as much as possible, the concept of masternodes looks like that of a savings account. We block a quantity X of tokens and in return, we receive rewards.

F : What kind of operating system is required in order to run the software ?

o: You can run it on vps server or physical linux machines.

F: and what about the wallet

O: the wallet is fulfilled with the money of our customers, we are providing them the software to start the masternode ( the validators, also known as the blockchain securituzation and reward system)

F: Sounds interesting.

O: yes, but we simplified it to make it easy to install and work with, more precisely, we provide masternode as a service. We make sure that the customer does not have to manage the entire technical part.

F: Thank you for this interview, what are your contacts? and social network handles, so interested readers could reach you there or read more about your hardware and software products ?

O: Just Mining is present on Facebook, twitter and linkedin under the name of the company. Personally, I am active on all these networks + youtube, under the pseudonym Hasheur.

The website address is : https://just-mining.com

F: Disclosure statement
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