The premium domain name is bought by , the crypto company., one of the most known blockchain companies for raising over four billion USD to support the blockchain during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period and the developer of the EOS.IO blockchain and it’s cryptocurrency, the EOS.

After the wikipedia, The aim of the platform is to provide decentralized application hosting, smart contract capability and decentralized storage of enterprise solutions that solve the scalability issues of blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as eliminating all fees for users. EOSIO accomplishes this by being both multi-threaded (able to run on multiple computer cores) as well as using delegated proof-of-stake for its consensus protocol. It aims to be the first decentralized operating system (EOSIO) that provides a development environment for decentralized applications like Steemit, a social network with monetary incentives and BitShares, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX).

Returning to the Sale of, the premium domain name was previously owned by the company named Microstrategy and the sale was conducted via Godaddy, one of world’s biggest domain name marketplaces. announced the creation of Voice at the beginning of June, the platform is based on the EOS blockchain and will provide more transparency than traditional social media platforms.

this is to say that premium domain names are being more and more used by startups and that they have a solid value that tend to increase over time, the sale of seems to be above the sale of that was also acquired by a crypto company Monaco earlier this year.