Bitcoin cash, the 4th largest blockchain based on market cap was hard-forked 15th of November after long discussion what ideology it must follow, creating 2 new Bitcoin Cash versions , the ‘Bitcoin ABC’ supported by Roger Ver, Jihan Wu and ‘Bitcoin SV’ (SV s stands for Satoshi’s Vision) supported by Craig Wright and Craig Ayre.

BitcoinCash ( or BCH) the cryptocurrency and payment network was forked in 2017 from Bitcoin was among the first ideological competitors to bitcoin, the end of the 2018 year sees a fork of BitcoinCash itself, after Bitcoin Cash’s 556767th block BCHABC took the lead with more than 50 blocks at the beginning thanks to the community support and presumed support of the mining industry as stated by some bloggers, but soon the BCHSV version started to adapt to the race and winning the community support and now has only 11 blocks left behind BCHABC, we are providing a fresh data from  and a graph to show you what is happening right now, it’s important to mention the fact that BCHSV have fewer nodes compared to BCHABC and some other factors may have bigger weight,
THe industry seems to welcome any outcome, Binance and Coinbase announced that they were going to be supporting the upcoming hard fork and will list both ‘Bitcoin cash’ version after the split, rumors are telling that some exchanges may use the Bitcoin Cash name for Bitcoin ABC.

Returning to the core of the split, the difference between the two forks are the following:

Bitcoin ABC: (Traded $253.20 the time writing the news) introducing some changes to protocol that increase Graphene block propagation technology performance by 700% and are a groundwork for parallelization of validation.

Bitcoin SV: (Traded $141.20  the time writing the news) bumps the constant from 32 MB to 128MB for block size limit despite stress tests show the ecosystem struggles even at 32MB. Also reintroduces

Bitcoin ABC
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