Hi to all readers, we are continuing with industry interviews and this time we are pleased to interview Hervé Hababou  ( @BTUPROTOCOL [1] ) the Founder and CEO of  BOOKING TOKEN UNIT ( BTU) , another project from France, we met with Hervé during the Paris Blockchain conference where international companies were invited to meet  French partners, an event organized by Fintechs.tv and ewdn.com [2].

F : Fintech.xyz
H : Hervé
F: HI Hervé, how are you today ?, you still have time for an interview despite the PRE-Sale phase of BTU ?

H: Hi to all readers, and thanks for receiving me today. It’s always a great pleasure to talk about BTU Protocol. The pre-sale is a very exciting time – we are currently gathering a great community around us which is sharing our vision of the online booking sector and is willing to disrupt it.

F: Ok, returning back to recent projects, why you started to follow the crypto trends? how did you start?

H : I started by investing in blockchain start-ups and I saw clearly how tokens would be eating the world sooner or later.

F thank you for this, what and about the French ICO laws, do you think they will impact the ecosystem? I mean the Crypto ecosystem because we already know that French startups received more investments last year compared to German and UK startups.

BTU Protocol is compliant with the french rules

H: BTU Protocol is compliant with the french rules. We are even part of the UNICORN initiative from Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). Initiated in 2017 by the AMF this is a research programme on digital assets offerings. It has enabled the authority to improve its legal and economic expertise in these operations.We also had the opportunity to present BTU Protocol to the french parliament (Assemblée Nationale) as well as to the Ministry of Finance.

F: Great, smart move here, now tell us about your project ?

H : Our mission, within BTU Protocol, is to create an open source standardized decentralized booking protocol along with reference implementations that can be leveraged by participants in industries such as hospitality, travel, finance, healthcare, retail, automotive and more. We launched our pre-sale on april 10th, to be able to push the project forward and to create a more balanced market.

F: and what it brings ? could you provide use cases ?

H: Let’s take a simple example. You certainly have a hotel you know about. If you want to book a room, you go online on a big booking platform and make a reservation. Right ? Well, you should know that out of the price you pay, the platform takes 25 to 35% fees and the hotel has to support the operational costs by itself. Also, the hotel is completely dependent on the booking platform which exercise a monopoly in its industry.

F: How businesses will benefit from it?

H: Our ultimate goal is to create a healthy economic competition. Service providers will pay less fees and anyone can become its own platform. The price will lower and it will be the end of monopolies.

F: do you already have partners in the tourism industry, since this is something similar to booking.com [3]?

H : I wouldn’t say that we are similar to booking.com. We are working at the Protocol layer. So in fact, the internet developers and large companies (having existing customers) who are working with our software will compete with booking.com. And we have developers working with us on many industries, not just tourism.

We really are willing to disrupt a monopoly which we consider is not fair to the ones that create the real value. Our vision is that a large share of the legacy platform commissions (15 to 35%) can be used to incentivize new platforms connections to the BTU infrastructure. With BTU, a standard protocol and open source software, dominant firms that otherwise are sheltered from entry due to strong network effects and high switching costs can be vulnerable to such envelopment attacks.

 F: what is the total amount of token that will be created ( and in how many phases) what will be the token price?

H: 50 million tokens will be sole during our token sale. Some bonus is available for early adopters. Public sale token price is 0,60€.

F: thank you, and do you know competition that developed the same token/ project?

H: There are several players who are now seeking to tackle the monopoly of reservation platforms. Nevertheless we are unique because BTU Protocol :

– provides what we call a “disruption kit”: the tools to allow everyone to connect to this database and become a service booking platform (blogger, developer, big company).

– is made for any type of services: it also works within the medical industry, beauty industry, insurance industry, travel industry …

– is available for all

F: great, so your solution is unique …

H : BTU Protocol definitely is unique!

F: tell us more about the team, you developed it with Mr. Chriqui?

H: We are currently 22 people working on the BTU Protocol. We gathered this whole team from scratch with Vidal Chriqui. Vidal is an expert in Big Data and in distributed systems, which led him very to take an interest in decentralized networks and in particular Bitcoin and Ethereum. He launched the first free French web series under the name Blockchain Revolution. Vidal has participated in numerous “blockchain” experiments with major accounts and startups and has developed an expertise on micro-payment protocols called “micropayment channels”. The goal of our pre-sale is to grow bigger and hire new recruits.

F:: so the ERC 808 name is, in fact, an  ERC 20, it was a fork of what ? what is the difference?

H: Our BTU Token is ERC 20 compliant that can be used inside the ERC 808 protocol. So ERC 808 is not a token ERC in fact.

F: so each participant have to develop his own software part ? or there will be a ready solution that will be provided?

Hervé Hababou:
We provide a “disruption kit”: the tools to allow everyone to connect to this database and become a service booking platform

H: We provide a “disruption kit”: the tools to allow everyone to connect to this database and become a service booking platform (blogger, developer, big company) :

–       API for listing resources on the blockchain

–       API for booking resources on the blockchain

–       Plugins for most commons CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.)

–         Integration with ERP

F: Thank you for this information, could you tell where interested parties and software companies can get in touch with you ( business partners) ?

H: The easiest way is to send an email at [email protected]

F : thanks ,what other communication channel, twitter etc do you use ?

H: We have 32 000 users on Telegram : https://t.me/BTUCommunity. Come and join us.

F: thank you for the responses, keep us informed on the progress.

H: Thank you

F: Bye .

F: Disclosure: Fintech.xyz is not advising to invest in any company or project, we cover Fintech industry news around the world.



[1] https://twitter.com/BtuProtocol

[2] http://ewdn.com

[3] http://booking.com