The price of Bitcoin go up and down and is currently 4400 USD/ Bticoin.

the news that was published by coindesk seems to be related to China halting ICO, data from CoinMarketCap reveals that China’s top bitcoin exchanges are reporting some of the steepest price declines. The BTC/CNY market on OKCoin is at $3,650.71, while Huobi and BTCC are reporting prices of $3,657.84 and $3,656.57

China Banned ICO earlier this week , some experts are  saying that this could help prevent crypto scams but could create regulatory competition
At the same time, Kenneth Rapoza told Forbes that China’s ICO Ban Doesn’t Mean It’s Giving Up On Crypto-Currencies
Prior to the ban, there were 43 ICO platforms in China as of July 18, according to a report by the National Committee of Experts on the Internet Financial Security Technology. Sixty-five ICO projects had been completed, the committee said, raising 2.6 billion yuan ($398 million), Bloomberg reported. Then in July and August alone, the market went boom as China has a habit of doing sometimes. Chinese tech firms raised $766 million in crypto-currencies in local ICOs in just 8 weeks, according to Shanghai Security News.

For now, the ban just means Chinese start-ups cannot use an ICO to raise money. It does not stop Chinese buying crypto-currency developers and service providers from getting in on the action.
other cryptocurrencies were also affected.

Update 17.09.2017:
Bitcoin prices dropped again and are trading below 4000 usd.