We are pleased to interview a new company that is planning an ICO (Initial coin offering) in October, it became common for technology companies to launch an ICO if they plan to quickly raise money bypassing IPO (Initial Public Offering ) that are time consuming and legally challenging.
The company name is Snovio, they are planning to run an ICO on 31 of October, interviewed Ms Lera Borshch (email:[email protected]), she is the marketing assistant at Snovio, an online lead generation company from Ukraine :

Website link:
Token sale start date and time(UTC)
31 October 2017 12AM UTC
Token sale end date and time (UTC) 30 November 2017 12AM UT
Total supply of token, for crowdsale, team e.t.c.: Total 2 500 000 000

F: Hi Lera, how are you today ?
LB: Fine, thanks.

F: So, you are going to jump on that ICO train in few weeks right ?
LB: yes, we have a project that will revolutionize the industry of Lead Gen.

F: ok, it is said in the advertizing materials that Snovio is The World’s First Decentralized Lead Generation Service , is it true that it’s really first decentralized service that use smart lead generation ?
LB: yes, it is.

F: it is running on your own blockchain ?
LB: We selected  Ethereum for ico, our token is etherium based and and we are considering it as a platform that hold the contract when data contributors comes to play.   . Team:
Alexis Kratko
Alexander Zhadko, PM, Web developer
Rodion Yaremenko, CTO, Web developer
Lera Borshch, Marketing assistant
Yuri Gatchenko, Web developer
Yuri Arendar, Web developer
Julia Zubok, Marketing and customer care
Mila Postol, Marketing
Daria Shevchenko, CMO
Roman Fisenko, Web designer
Paul Shuteyev, Marketing Ninja
Natalie Valerieva, Digital marketing expert

F: what is the difference between and the competition ?
LB: We see our mission as changing the outdated methods of lead generation to new methods that reflect the realities faced by modern businesses. We seek to provide much needed and greatly demanded high-quality data with constantly updated information. Similarly, we want to change the approach for working with data suppliers by recognizing their interests and motivations in selling data and keeping it up to date.
But we will not stop there, Snovio will soon transform into a marketing automation platform. 

F: interesting, returning to Lead Generation , that is definitely a must for any business, what are the principles of a modern lead generation strategy?

LB: there are three most important points in Lead Generation :

  1. Personalization – reaching the right person in the right company
  2. Data enrichment – adding more valuable information that just a name and contact details
  3. Smart campaigns – sending highly personalized and highly targeted emails that converts

F:How does the project create value to the ecosystem ?
LB: Snovio is providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods.

F: who are the main users of your tool ?
LB: they are mainly (but not limited to)  Sales specialists, Marketing managers and Recruiters.

F: ok, and why do we need a decentralized solution ?
LB: The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves problems faced by traditional lead generation methods by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the system’s data.

F: ok, tell us about the ICO, when you will launch it ? the price etc..
LB: of course, we are planning to launch an ICO 31 october 2017, the Token price is $0.01 USD, the total supply of token will be 2500000000 with the biggest part for crowdsale (60%) , then the team 28% , 10% contributors reward and 1% bounty, we invite interested paries to visit the ICO section of our official website at:

F: great, you left 1% for bounty, seems a legit strategy.
LB: yes, we will reward our contributors as well that shares our vision and wish to support our project, the whitepaper is already in our website for anyone interested in Snovio.

F:Thank you for information, where our readers can get more information about Snovio and others ways to communicate and follow you ?
LB: they can get more info at our Blog –
We are also available at Medium , BitcoinTalk announcement link:
and other popular platforms :

F:Thank you for interview. bye.
LB. Thank you, bye.

Disclosure: none.

Update 18.11.2017 / has updated the token sales date after finding the change at Website

Event - World’s First Decentralized Lead Generation Service ICO plan
Starting on
October 31, 2017
Ending on
November 30, 2017
The World’s First Decentralized Lead Generation Service plans an ICO on Ethereum Blockchain.
Offer Price
USD 0.01


  1. Oh, Snovio! I saw these guys on the-blockchain site and think their idea is really great and worth to spend some money.
    I’m very excited there are a lot of ICO projects in general. The Internet is changing 🙂

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